The Azteca Horse

In 1972 the Mexican Charros (cowboys) began a quest to produce a horse with the agility, quickness and cow sense to work on their cattle ranches. For this they chose the Andalusian to cross with their Quarter Horses and Criollo mares. The results were astounding. A horse with speed, heart, stamina, grace and an outstanding disposition and ability to learn. That horse not only possessed the ability to work on their ranches but also the versatility to have many other uses. The Azteca was born, and in the years following has acquired so much recognition it has earned the title of the "National Horse of Mexico".  The American Azteca combines both the new and the old world, resulting in a noble, docile, agile, proud spectacular horse. The breed is very easy to train and once taught never forgets.

Breed Description: This breed inherits beauty, temperament, pride, agility and spirit from their Andalusian blood and strength heart and speed from their Quarter Horse Blood. The breed requires there be no more then 3/4 Andalusian or Quarter Horse blood in the first generations. The American Azteca should be a blood Balance between the breeds with qualities of both. The intention is to create a new type that exhibits the best of both breeds.